Config File

File Version: 2.2.0

# If default configs are not working, it's because this configs are created in legacy versions.
# Fix items in configs for your server version.
    limitEnabled: true # Enable or disable limit.
    topOrderLimit: 1.0 # If buy order price will increase maximum this number, will change price. (Set 0 to disable)
    maximumCount: 1600 # Maximum item amount per buy order.
    minimumPrice: 0.1 # Minimum buy order price.
    requiredCount: 1 # If buy order price count will be 2 or more, will change price.
    checkWhenCreated: true # If new buy order is created, will check for orders like when you buy/sell item.

    limitEnabled: true
    bestOfferLimit: 1.0
    maximumCount: 1600
    minimumPrice: 0.1
    requiredCount: 1
    checkWhenCreated: true

    PlaceholderAPI: false # For bazaar placeholders.
    HeadDatabase: false # For using HDB heads in items.
    MMOItems: false # Will work with only LEGACY version for now.

      flags: # Item flags for main menu items. (Includes every item)
      type: "vault" # vault or yaml
        folder: "plugins/YAMLEconomy/players"
        file: "%uuid%.yml" # %uuid% or %player%
        node: # In file: money -> total: 100
      type: "anvil" # Input menu type, I prefer anvil for better performance. (sign or anvil)
        lines: # Lines for sign, don't use color codes.
          - ""
          - "^^^^^^^^^^"
          - "Write"
          - "number"
    category: "mining" # Default category name.
    mode: "direct" # Default mode name.
    sellNormalItems: true # Enable this if you want to sell normal Minecraft items. (Not bought from Bazaar)
    maximumNumber: 2304 # Don't change if you don't know.
    limitSellPrice: true # If this setting is true, sell price will be lower than buy price always.
    buyGoBack: false # Enable this if you want to close (go back) buy menu, when you buy something.
    sellGoBack: true # Disable this if you don't want to close (go back) sell menu, when you sell something.
      order: true # Enable or disable orders.
      orderSettings: true # Enable or disable order settings.
      sellAll: true # Enable or disable sell all.
      sellItems: true # Enable or disable sell items.
        enabled: true # Disable this if you don't want to change prices when created buy or sell order.

        change: true # Disable this if you don't want to change prices with formula & reload.
        reload: 60 # Item & Amount reloading time in minutes.
          maximumChange: 1.0 # Maximum price change (Even formula changes +5, plugin will change max +1. For only increase or decrease)
          minimumCount: 1000 # If buy count is less than this number, price will not change. (Set 0 to disable)
          formula: "%oldprice% + (%buycount% / 100)" # Formula for new price. (%oldprice% and %buycount%)
          type: "increase" # increase, set or decrease
          maximumChange: 1.0
          minimumCount: 1000
          formula: "%oldprice% + (%sellcount% / 100)"
          type: "decrease"

  messages: # All messages.
    noPermission: "&cYou don't have enough permission."
    consoleUsage: "&8- &a/bazaar reload: &7Reloads plugin."
      - "&8- &a/bazaar menu: &7Opens bazaar menu."
      - "&8- &a/bazaar buy [item] [count]: &7Buys item."
      - "&8- &a/bazaar sell [item] [count]: &7Sells item."
      - "&8- &a/bazaaradmin menu [player]: &7Opens bazaar menu to player."
      - "&8- &a/bazaaradmin buy [player] [item] [count]: &7Buys item for player."
      - "&8- &a/bazaaradmin sell [player] [item] [count]: &7Sells item for player."
      - "&8- &a/bazaaradmin createitem [name] [category]: &7Automatically creates item in your hand and add to files."
      - "&8- &a/bazaaradmin reload: &7Reloads plugin."
    buyUsage: "&cBuy Usage: &f/bazaar buy [item] [count]"
    sellUsage: "&cSell Usage: &f/bazaar sell [item] [count]"
    adminMenuUsage: "&cMenu Usage: &f/bazaaradmin menu [player]"
    adminBuyUsage: "&cBuy Usage: &f/bazaaradmin buy [player] [item] [count]"
    adminSellUsage: "&cBuy Usage: &f/bazaaradmin sell [player] [item] [count]"
    notPlayer: "&cYou are not player!"
    reloaded: "&aPlugin successfully reloaded."
    notEnoughMoney: "&cYou need more &f%price% &cmoney!"
    notEnoughItem: "&cYou need more &f%count%x %item% &citem!"
    removeError: "&cThere is a problem with remove, please contact to owner."
    addError: "&cThere is a problem with add, please contact to owner."
    noEmptySlot: "&cYou don't have enough empty slot!"
    sellPriceCantBeHigher: "&cSell price can't be higher than buy price!"
    wrongItem: "&cThis item is wrong!"
    wrongPlayer: "&cI can't find player like that!"
    wrongNumber: "&cYou need to write number!"
    wrongCategory: "&cThis category is wrong!"
    pluginError: "&cThere is a problem about plugin, please try again!"
    createItemUsage: "&cUsage: &f/bazaar createitem [name] [category]"
    createdItem: "&aSuccessfully item created with name &f%name% &a& category &f%category%&a! Please edit prices and add item to category in items file."
    bought: "&6Bazaar! &7Bought &a%count%&7x &f%item% &7for &6%price% coins&7!"
    sold: "&6Bazaar! &7Sold &a%count%&7x &f%item% &7for &6%price% coins&7!"
    soldAll: "&6Bazaar! &7Sold &a%count%&7x items &7for total &6%price% coins&7!"
    writeNumber: "&aWrite Number"
    bigNumber: "&cWrite Lower Number"
    reachedMinimumBuyPrice: "&cThis item have already minimum buy price!"
    reachedMinimumSellPrice: "&cThis item have already minimum sell price!"
    cancelCustom: "&cYou cancelled custom count."
    noItem: "&cYou don't have this item!"
    buyOrderSetup: "&eBuy Order Setup! &a%amount%&7x &f%name% &7for &6%price% coins"
    sellOfferSetup: "&eSell Offer Setup! &a%amount%&7x &f%name% &7for &6%price% coins"
    priceChanged: "&ePrice Changed! &a%amount%&7x %name% &7item's price changed to &6%newprice% &7from &6%oldprice% coins&7!"
    buyOrderCancelled: "&cCancelled! &7Refunded &6%price% coins &7from cancelling buy order!"
    sellOfferCancelled: "&cCancelled! &7Refunded &a%amount%&7x %name% &7from cancelling sell offer!"
    orderDisabled: "&cOrder system is disabled!"
    sellAllDisabled: "&cSell All is disabled!"
    sellItemsDisabled: "&cSell Items is disabled!"
    claimedBuyOrder: "&6Bazaar! &7Claimed &a%amount%&7x %name% &7worth &6%price% coins &7bought for &6%unitprice% &7each!"
    claimedSellOffer: "&6Bazaar! &7Claimed &6%price% coins &7from selling &a%amount%&7x %name% &7at &6%unitprice% &7each!"
    maximumSellOffer: "&cYou have already maximum sell offer count!"
    maximumBuyOrder: "&cYou have already maximum buy order count!"
    buyOrderFilled: "&6[Bazaar] &eYour &aBuy Order &efor &a%count%&7x %name% &ewas filled!"
    sellOfferFilled: "&6[Bazaar] &eYour &6Sell Offer &efor &a%count%&7x %name% &ewas filled!"
    noPermissionItem: "&cYou don't have enough permission for this item!"
    notEnoughStock: "&cThis item need more &f%count% &cstock!"
    maximumCount: "&cYou can't write this number!"
    minimumCount: "&cYou need to write minimum 1 for amount!"
    noStock: "&cN/A"

  permissions: # If you want to disable, write "".
      # If player have this permission, can see this item in main menu. (Can buy and sell this item too)
      # You can use %item% placeholder.
      item: ""

      # If player have this permission, can see this category in main menu.
      # You can use %category% placeholder.
      category: ""
    normal: # Normal Commands
      command: "" # /bazaar
      menu: "" # /bazaar menu
      buy: "" # /bazaar buy [item] [count]
      sell: "" # /bazaar sell [item] [count]
    admin: # Admin commands
      command: "bazaaradmin.command" # /bazaaradmin
      menu: "" # /bazaaradmin menu [player]
      buy: "" # /bazaaradmin buy [player] [item] [count]
      sell: "bazaaradmin.sell" # /bazaaradmin sell [player] [item] [count]
      createItem: "bazaaradmin.createitem" # /bazaaradmin createitem [name] [category]
      reload: "bazaaradmin.reload" # /bazaaradmin reload

number: # Number Format for prices.
  removeDecimal: false # If it's true, numbers will not have decimal. (Example 43.34 to 43)
  minimumFraction: 0
  maximumFraction: 2
  decimal: true # 10,2 etc.
  short: # 10k, 25M, 1T etc. (I don't prefer, it's little buggy for now.)
    enabled: false
    thousand: "k"
    million: "M"
    billion: "G"
    trillion: "T"
    quadrillion: "Q"
    quintillion: "E"

      name: "&a&lBUY&8: &f%name%"
        - "&8Worth %price% coins"
        - "&f"
        - "&7Order Amount: &a%count%&7x"
        - "&7Price Per Unit: &6%unitprice% coins"
        - "&f"
        - "&7By: &a%player%"
        - "&eClick to view options!"
      name: "&a&lBUY&8: &f%name%"
        - "&8Worth %price% coins"
        - "&f"
        - "&7Order Amount: &a%count%&7x"
        - "&7Filled: &a%fillcount%&7/%count% &a%percent%%!"
        - "&f"
        - "&7Price Per Unit: &6%unitprice% coins"
        - "&f"
        - "&aYou have &2%collectcount% items &ato claim!"
        - "&eClick to claim!"

      name: "&e&lSELL&8: &f%name%"
        - "&8Worth %price% coins"
        - "&f"
        - "&7Offer Amount: &a%count%&7x"
        - "&7Price Per Unit: &6%unitprice% coins"
        - "&f"
        - "&7By: &a%player%"
        - "&eClick to view options!"
      name: "&e&lSELL&8: &f%name%"
        - "&8Worth %price% coins"
        - "&f"
        - "&7Offer Amount: &e%count%&7x"
        - "&7Filled: &e%fillcount%&7/%count% &e%percent%%!"
        - "&f"
        - "&7Price Per Unit: &6%unitprice% coins"
        - "&f"
        - "&eYou have &6%collectprice% coins &eto claim!"
        - "&eClick to claim!"

    enabled: false
    type: "CLICK"
    volume: 1
    pitch: 1
      - "&8%product% products"
      - "&r"
      - "&7Buy Price: &6%buyprice% coins"
      - "&8%buycount% insta-buys in 3d"
      - "&r"
      - "&7Sell Price: &6%sellprice% coins"
      - "&8%sellcount% insta-sells in 3d"
      - "&r"
      - "&eClick to view product!"
      - "&8%product% products"
      - "&r"
      - "&7Buy Price: &6%buyprice% coins"
      - "&7Sell Price: &6%sellprice% coins"
      - "&r"
      - "&eClick to view product!"
      - "&7Buy Price: &6%buyprice% coins"
      - "&8%buycount% insta-buys in 3d"
      - "&r"
      - "&7Sell Price: &6%sellprice% coins"
      - "&8%sellcount% sinsta-sells in 3d"
      - "&r"
      - "&eClick to view item!"
      - "&7Buy Price: &6%buyprice% coins"
      - "&7Sell Price: &6%sellprice% coins"
      - "&r"
      - "&eClick to view item!"

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